All praise belongs to Allaah, May Allaah’s praise and peace be upon the final Prophet Muhammad, upon his Family, his Companions and all those who follow his way.

To Proceed:

From the great blessings of Allaah upon us, is that He has allowed us to present to you a new publishing house, which fulfills our aim of linking the Muslims with their noble scholars.

Our goal is to publish the blessed works of the great Salafi scholars into different languages; currently we have books in English, French and Indonesian.

We have been endorsed by the people of knowledge the likes of Shaykh  Rabee’ bin Haadi al-Madkhali, Shaykh ‘Ubayd  al-Jabiri, Shaykh Zaid  al-Madkhali and many others, may Allaah bless all of them.

We have been given permission by the Shaykhs to translate all their books, which have been printed by Al-Miraath Al-Nabawi Publications in Algeria , their authorization will be posted soon on our site insha-Allaah .

You can find the contact details for our distributors on the site. We also welcome any distributors for other parts of the globe.

An extension from our publishing, is our new site which contains Live Islamic lessons, many beneficial works translated into English; from articles, Fataawa and a 24hr-Radio broadcasting live and recorded lectures and lessons in English from the scholars.

May Allaah accept from us wa  Jazaakum Allaahu khairan 

 Miraath Publications
Abu Zeiad, Khalid Bagais